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Captured Photography + I Am Second = World Cup 2014

Sometimes in life, opportunities seemingly develop out of thin air. Thanks to relationships we’ve made through Watermark Community Church, we’ve been invited to join I Am Second for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. I Am Second is a movement that uses creative digital media and personal testimonies of the grace of God to impact and transform culture on a global scale. It’s actors, athletes, musicians, business leaders, recovering drug addicts, your neighbors, people like you and me. If you’re not familiar with them, it’s definitely worth 3 minutes of your time to watch this video:
So, how do Alison and I, and our photography business, fit in to all of this? This past spring, we became good friends with Oscar Castillo, the Director for I Am Second’s projects in Central and South America. Oscar and I have talked quite a bit about how I can be involved in the movement and put my talents and resources to work with them. Through those conversations, and other opportunities I Am Second has been working on, we were invited to join the movement in Brazil next summer, and help capture what happens down there. One of the athletes IAS has partnered with is KaKà, a soccer player from Brazil who’s pretty much Brazil’s version of Michael Jordan. The influence that KaKà has brought to the table has given IAS unprecedented relevance and potential impact next year. Alison and I will be traveling to Brazil for about a week to document the stories and activities. These images will then be used to further the message and reach of IAS and spread the Gospel.
So, how can you partner with us on this mission?

First, and most importantly, please begin praying immediately for the work of I Am Second in Brazil next summer. As the time draws closer, we will begin sharing more specific requests. There will be literally thousands of people directly impacted by the work that will be accomplished down there, and that means your prayers are absolutely critical. Secondly, since Alison and I will be volunteering for this mission, we are raising financial support to fund the expenses. Through God’s generous provision over the last 4 years, I’ve been able to acquire all the professional camera equipment necessary for the work in Brazil. The specific needs for funding are:

Airfare for Alison and I
Meals for the trip (we will be lodging with local churches & missionaries)
Any purchases that need to be made in Brazil for ministry purposes
Other travel expenses (buses, cabs, etc.)

Our fundraising goal for this mission trip for Alison and I both is $6,000

Any donations we receive in excess of our actual expenses for the trip will be donated to I Am Second.
If you'd prefer to mail a paper check, please make it payable to James Jenkins or Captured Photography. Please contact us for the mailing address.


Alison and I are extremely excited for this opportunity! We want to thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support of our mission with I Am Second in Brazil. We look forward to sharing stories of life change and transformation next year.

Thank you!!
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